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Slashboxes Are Not Updating

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  • Judging from the auto-reply I received, /. doesn't give a Sh!t.

  • and this is just part of the gradual migration to the new ui that /. has promised.

  • by Soulskill (1459) Works for SlashdotAlter Relationship on Monday March 03, 2014 @01:52AM (#46385795) Homepage

    We had to disable updates to most of the Slashboxes, including 'This Day on Slashdot' in order to fix an underlying issue in the code. The work should be completed soon, at which point we'll re-enable everything. Apologies for the inconvenience! []

    • This is good to know. I removed all mine because I kept looking over at them.

      I don't know how it works for people but slashboxes are a big part of what has let me use slashdot as my hub. I can look over and see all the latest from ars, boing boing, etc - without having to go there except for the stuff that I find interesting. They are a big part of the reason that I come here multiple times a day rather than just when I want to post a JE. The front page is also mildly interesting but I can keep tabs on that

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