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Journal dyefade's Journal: Bittage on Update

I'm addicted to anime. Thought I'd mention that first off.
So... what's happened? Went to see Einaudi, which was really amazing, I would definately go again. See Doug's and Colin's comments (Colin's changed his frames so the diary is easier to get to). I don't know enough about this piano-tomfoolery to be able to say anything useful really, so you're better off with those two.
I'm also now addicted to broadband. Just leaving the computer on with KazaaLite running is such a good thing to do, I could download half or more of a 700mb film in a good afternoon. There is muchos video out there on the net, for example the latest issue of B3ta.
Went for a Chinese on Friday, which was good, it doesn't take much to convince me we need chinese food. After that we went into Spoons, which was fairly boring, though it's always fairly amusing being with Ben and Jamie (who we met).
Then we (that is, Sam, Jay and me), drove to Kemerton (of all places - though I guess it's more convenient for Sam), to smoke some of the bud I bought the previous week. I was too hasty before in saying that block is just as good as skunk for the price, even at double the price bud is worth it.
There is a downside to all this leisure of course. Both the pyschology and the computing courseworks have to be given in on friday, and due to the anime, the net and the weed... I'm behind on both.
(N.B. Reading back it's strange that I described the anime and the broadband as addictions, but not dope, when the only available evidence would be the other way around. (Just because cannabis is reported to be less addictive that nicotine doesn't mean it isn't addictive.) In any case nothing here is substantial enough to count as addiction.)
Never mind. The fact that the weather is generally nice (if highly changable) with spur me on to work late into the night... for the next three ngihts. Grrr why don't I do more work when I'm told to!?
Only three days of school left though, which is good. Roz's party is on Thursday, need to work out what to do after that.

P.S. check out Dearz' "blog", hosted by Doug. It's a little young right now, but assuming he keeps posting to it, could be quite funny.

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Bittage on Update

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