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Journal Seth Finkelstein's Journal: Michael Sims - "The Censorware Project Is Now Closed"

Never before revealed. I've now added the full text of Michael Sims' original pronouncement that he had killed censorware.org, to the chronicles revolving around What Happened To The Censorware Project (censorware.org)

It's at


The Censorware Project is now closed. ... Jim, you and Seth can go fuck yourselves. ... if a serf were to be accused of a such a crime, he would go on a rampage, settling old debts with violence while the opportunity existed.

At some primal level, I don't understand journalism. I'll undoubtably be accounted worse for talking about this today, than Michael Sims will be accounted for continuing doing this today. That is, it'll be more proof of my bad character to continue to protest, than it will be proof of his bad character to continue obsessively hijacking the domain name and misleading people who mistakenly try to find material there. It's great stuff, that journalism.

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