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Journal PFritz21's Journal: The start of a beautiful friendship

What to write...

April Fool's Day was a moderate success. Chaning the hosts files on the XP machines confused a few people. And the fun isn't over yet. I did manage to tape up some mice before I left work today.

I got a lot done preparing the next prototype for my capstone project. It's looking pretty good, but I'm sick of working on it. I learned alot about creating graphics, window layouts, and Java. Time for one of my other group members to pick up the slack.

I can't stop listening to Weezer!! Ever since I got their DVD last week (for only $5 at Best Buy), I've got Weezer on the brain. I'm either singing one of their songs while I walk to class, or checking out their web site, watching the DVD, or playing their songs. I must go out and buy the rest of their CD's (I only have the original blue album).

I don't know what I'm going to do about my new date/time functions. The functions in C++ are worthless. They do me no good. I'm sure I'll figure it out, but it's exhuasting trying to figure out what to code.

The City of Fargo offered me an interview part-time job doing desktop support. My interview is on Monday. It's only 20 hrs/wk, and just $9/hr, but it's better than not having a job when I graduate this May. Plus, there's a chance I could move into a network engineering position in October. I'd like to wait for other offers, but they aren't exactly pouring in.

I kinda like this blogging thing. It's helping me clear my mind...

But I think that is enough for tonight.

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The start of a beautiful friendship

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