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Journal fustakrakich's Journal: Bigotry... 5

Bigotry derived from religious principles is still bigotry...

The easy rejoinder is that conservatives believe in "smaller government" and a less coercive state, but that belief has never been a practical commitment, only a rhetorical strategy. The state grows under conservatives, and it grows under liberals. The difference is only a matter of emphasis, and frequently not even that. The truth is that these marriage traditionalists were perfectly content with state intervention in and support of their sacred institution when it hewed, more or less, to their membership requirements. Only when a bit of money and a bit of politicking rendered it a bit less restrictive, only then did those same agencies of the state become dangerous and a touch tyrannical.

See, I'm not the only one who knows what you people are up to.

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    The state grows under conservatives, and it grows under liberals.

    How, practically, does he differentiate between a Progressive and a Progressive? The state grows, because the Federal Reserve borrows the money for the bribes, the 17th Amendment muzzles the States, the 16th Amendment gives DC eminent domain over your wallet, and the House has been frozen in size since 1910, so that it hasn't stayed representative of the people.
    Way to go, Wilson: you stabbed our Constitution in the heart.

    • And... this has to do with bigotry, how?

      • I was providing the URL you'd omitted, and reacted to a quote within your text. You're welcome.
        • ...reacted to a quote within your text.

          Which gives you the opportunity to ignore the meat of the article. And of course, the state was growing long before the "progressives" ever showed up. So, you're post was nothing more than barking dogs. You just arbitrarily relabel people to maintain your facade.

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