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Journal Marxist Hacker 42's Journal: Tendance Reinhard 11

At the request of a fellow Catholic blogger, I'm reading Papal Economics by Fr. Maciej Zieba, OP. It occurred to me that since my journal circle has put up with my evolution from Karl to Groucho to Reinhard Marx, my thoughts on this book may be of some interest. I in fact already have five posts discussing the topics in the book.
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And the circle is complete as I blog about a comment in this journal

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Tendance Reinhard

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  • "This reading gives us a very basic idea of what Christian economics should look like."

    No, it does not. The "last will be first and the first will be last" is not a parable for this life you boob. It's about the afterlife.

    It's that if Hitler repented with his last breath, he receives the same blessings in Paradise as Mother Theresa.

    It has nothing to do with "to each according to his need", or a "liveable wage", or in terms of any other Lefty poppycock. Please kindly remove your Commie baggage glasses before

    • Yes, you would. Because you're reading with individualistic rose colored glasses that assume the magical market will fix everything.

  • If we really cared what moral evil might lurk behind our purchases, we'd demand the information. But yes that becomes much more difficult as the scale gets larger, and our products come from who-knows-where.

    • Yep- every layer of extra complexity in the market is essentially an anonymizer firewall.

      Even when you have attempts to demand the information (ingredient and nutrition labels come to mind, or the apparent extra burden of adding the letters GMO to a label that went down in defeat in Washington State last November), you get pushback, because the market likes to run in secret, on cavet emptor rules when not regulated to be otherwise.

      A great way around this is to buy local as possible- for instance, starting i

      • "because the market likes to run in secret"

        As the free market detractor that you are (which, BTW, in no way makes me the equal and opposite worshipper of it), it's not surprising at all that you don't understand it. "The market" is not just teh evil big business; it's everyone who engages in economic transactions. Sure the sellers want to run in secrets. Too bad the stupid buyers don't care. We get the businesses we have for the same reason we get the politicians we have; because we the little guy don't

        • I used to think about it, but my raging homophobia now prevents me from being electable, apparently. Because I notice little things like the fact that filing lawsuits is now the most romantic thing a gay couple can do to proclaim their love.

          • Something mildly funny I heard tonight: Make gay divorce illegal and see how much they want gay marriage then.

        • See edit above. Now that I think about it, Give a Hoot, buy Local and don't Pollute, is a pretty nifty slogan.

        • Ok, who took away the edit button?

          Anyway Thanks for the idea []

          • You should see edit links at this old skool URL:


            Being socially Conservative would probably keep you from getting very far toward the national level I guess. (Which is too bad, as I read today that apparently once you attain the level of U.S. Senator, then your being spied upon by the feds finally becomes un-American.) But you could make a difference starting locally, such as with that slogan, which if it caught on could grow to achieve national attentio

            • In Oregon, being socially conservative in an urban area means you can't even get elected to the water board.

              But yes, I'm thinking about passing that slogan on- to my local farmer's market.

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