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Journal macdaddy's Journal: Apple Terminal.app SUCKS!!

ARGH!!!! I can not stand Apple's Terminal.app program. Be it problems with default preferences not saved or randomly reset to being able to quit the program with a key command but no user confirmation, Terminal.app manages to piss me off at least 3 times a week. Just seconds ago I had 7 terms opened and SSHed to 7 differents servers doing a variety of things. I fat-fingered Command-Tab and hit Command-Q instead. Instantly Terminal.app closed all connections and the program exited. Shit! Now before any of you mention it, yes, I've configured Terminal.app to prompt before "closing" a terminal window. This doesn't however have any effect on quiting the application in general. God I hate this fscking program. If only there was another OS X terminal emulator that didn't revolve around Terminal.app in some manner. *sigh*
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Apple Terminal.app SUCKS!!

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