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Journal VTBassMatt's Journal: this->welcome("Slashdot");

I have finally created a Slashdot account after lurking for years. That's not entirely true--I had an account about two years ago, but I literally never posted anything from it and forgot the password, so this is my first "real" account. And, despite my best efforts not to succumb, I have decided to start using the "Journal" feature. Let me be straightforward here: as a general rule, I despise "blogs". More correctly, I despise "bloggers". If I ever seem like I'm transforming into one of them, I hope someone will have the good sense to knock me upside the head.

I guess I'll start with a list of the Slashdotters I've marked "Friend" so far and why I've done that if I can remember. After all, they are the only ones likely to see my journal (since I appear on their "Fans" list and all that). I didn't do too badly--only 3 that I couldn't identify.

  • ChaosDiscord - awesome link in his/her journal highlighting exactly what's wrong with all this "ban gay marriage" hoopla in the wonderfully satirical style of "A Modest Proposal"
  • CleverNickName - for God's sake, he's Will Crusher! What more needs to be said? (Actually, I hated Will Crusher back when TNG was on TV; it's only been in recent years, and through the prism of Wil's weblog/Slashdot posts that I've been able to enjoy the character.)
  • coldtone -
  • Featureless - this post (I think)
  • jandrese - =\ I can't remember! My guess is a comment which has now scrolled off his/her info page
  • kfg - scathing wit on top of well-reasoned discourse about a wide variety of topics
  • maxpublic - can't remember
  • Moofie - can't remember
  • orthogonal - insightful commentary about what it means to be a patriot; I can't be bothered to look up the exact post but it's in his/her sig
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