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Journal obeythefist's Journal: I'm still convinced consoles suck

I'm at work, and bored, and I just want to point out that consoles are the suck. Deus Ex 2 would have been great, and Halo would have been a better game. Wolverines Revenge would never have been created, let alone ported in such a gruesome and painful way.

What's the best possible contribution that consoles have made to PC gaming since PC gaming began? Well, nothing really. You don't see SimCity on consoles (that I know of, and I pity anyone who takes it seriously).

Consoles only take from PC. First they just wanted to get close to the high quality of graphics that PC gamers are accustomed to. Now they're taking the games away, too. Microsoft bought Halo (and to some extent that was the best thing that ever happened to Halo, without XBox Halo would be yet-another-doom-clone). They took Starcraft:Ghost (how that would have done on PC is anyone's guess).

They still don't have the control schemes working yet. I snort with laughter every time I see an "auto aim" feature. I think, why would anyone want to use an auto aim? Can't they just point and click with the mouse? Oh wait, maybe it's for differently abled people, so they can enjoy the feeling of being a winner without having the requisite co-ordination to use a mouse and aim.

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I'm still convinced consoles suck

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