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Journal tepples's Journal: Extreme Laissez-Faire 3

In this post, Immerman wrote:

The problem is that our society has been systematically eliminating most of the occupations where an honest, hard-working, but not-especially-bright-nor-politically-savvy person can make a decent living.

Then I wrote:

Then perhaps we need to encourage people with those biological advantages to breed more.

Another Slashdot regular told me that comments like these are "dude, not funny". This is something that I occasionally need help to discern because of my mental condition. I think part of my problem comes from trying to fit in with other users on Slashdot who write comments suggesting similarly impractical workarounds out of hardcore laissez-faire ideology: "No jobs in your area? Just move." "No good ISP in your area? Just move." (1 | 2 | 3 | 4) Some such comments even get moderated up.

Sometimes I can get through to them: "Cost of living in some areas has become so high that an entry-level job doesn't pay a living wage." Or "Public high schools aren't doing a good job of teaching basic life skills such as how to relocate for a job. For example, about how much money should I have saved up before I move to, say, Austin?" Yet some posters can't even come up with a ballpark figure. Or a more tongue-in-cheek approach takes them up on their "offer": "How should I go about qualifying for even a temporary work visa in your country?"

But other times I've concluded that it's easier just to try to fit in. If it has in fact gone too far, perhaps I should take the advice of Jesus of Nazareth. To paraphrase Mark 9:45: "If your Slashperger buddies cause you to stumble, cut them off."

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Extreme Laissez-Faire

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  • And I thought much like you about 20 years ago.

    The problem is this is Eugenics [], which has had a pretty bad history when it comes to attempting to breed human beings like racehorses. []

    You just need a little more education in this area.

    • Yes, it is the condition formerly known as Asperger's. I just didn't mention my diagnosis by name because I didn't want to lean on it as an excuse.

      I recognized it was eugenics; hence "Gattaca" in the title of the comment in question. But if eugenics is too far for a joke, what else is too far for a joke?

      • For NTs? Can be any number of things. Genocide is usually too far for a joke. But so is suggesting the genders may be different. Apparently the description "little old ladies" is no longer politically correct. Racism. Any hint that homosexuality might be a mental illness rather than the preferred sexual orientation.

        The minefield is wide and varied, and I've got Asperger's too so I haven't found all the ways to navigate it. I usually fall into the same hole you did at least two to three times a week;

"Go to Heaven for the climate, Hell for the company." -- Mark Twain