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Journal rjw57's Journal: House shopping

Just been shopping for a new house to live in next year. After a bit of driving around finding it we finally managed to find the place (more through our error than odd placement of house). Here is the summary:

Plus -

  5 Big downstairs (open plan lounge)
  3 Quiet location
  1 Nice garden
  3 Lockable shed
  3 Electric shower
  3 Tumble dryer
  1 4 bedrooms
  5 Big master bedroom
  5 NTL enabled
  1 ~10 mins Aldi + Iceland
  3 Lots of storage & en-suite bathroom downstairs.
  5 Generally nice on the inside (clean, well presented, etc).
  5 Everything seemed to work.
  1 Current tenant seemed happy.
  3 Parking space, lots of parking for guests.
  3 Double-glazing.
  3 Central heating.
  3 Definite furniture was OK.
  5 Good three-piece-suite.
  1 Council Tax band C

Total + : 62

Negative -

  5 Long way from centre
  5 Wrong side of town for Rich
  3 Dodgy-ish area (quiet but unknown at night)
  1 Outside looked scummy
  1 Parking space exposed.
  5 Kitchen small
  3 Electric hob
  5 Only one fridge/freezer.
  5 Aside from master bedroom, rooms small (lots of storage)
  5 Only room for one double.
  3 Upstairs bathroom a little scummy.
  1 Unsure about how much furniture will be there.

Total - : 42

Overall: 20

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House shopping

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