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Journal smittyoneeach's Journal: To A Crapflooding Liar 6

FremdschÃmen is a German word
Suitable for when you see
Someone cover himself in turd
And trundle on all merrily

At first you think him unaware
He's covered himself in filth
You try hygienic ideas to share
But it starts to look like stealth

For his crap-splattered ideas go
From this sewer to that
With only moral inversion to show
Under his fecal hat

And then you wonder if at last
This scatalogical glee
Is only someone having a cowpie blast
As the service is so free

It thus seems best to point & laugh
At this moronic git
His Biden-esque mind is born to gaff
And that's just how the bulls hit.
--CLS, 01Mar2014
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To A Crapflooding Liar

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