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Penetration, However Slight

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  • If Russia is "invading" Ukraine, then US is invading Germany and Guam.

    You just ate the propaganda appetizer.

    There is little the U.S. can say against Russian troops in Crimea. According to the status of force agreement Russia can post up to 30,000 soldiers there. The normal size of its forces there is just half of that. If Russia wants to reinforce those it can do so without breaking any national or international agreement. []

    • Of course there is little the U.S. can say. Sow an impotent foreign policy, reap a flaccid response. Because #Leadership.
      • So, it's war you want?

        • No. I want the kind of foreign policy that precludes war.
          • Can you give an example when that ever existed?

            • When the Navy built the first six frigates [], and we didn't get into a full-on war in what is now Libya.
              • Ah, Manifest Destiny takes root at sea

                • If you read Alfred Thayer Mahan, you understand that if you want to be a doormat, the Obama approach is a good start.
                  • You know, theses days it's much harder to project your authority without exposing your brutality. Personally, I consider that a good thing. I expect it to help keep people honest. And, it creates jobs, mostly on Madison Avenue, but hey, Argo 2 ought to be coming out soon, an election's coming up, and billions of dollars from your banker's drug money will be squeaky clean. Now let's take a look at your pension, and.. it's gone...

                    Oh, by the way, what's your spin on your republican tea baggers scuttling the ve

                    • Personally? I try to remain unbound, pursuant to benefits. That is, I don't personally mind having them diminished, in the scope of general reform.
                      Actually maimed guys need to be protected, and throwing me under the bus just to buy votes from undeserving moochers is unimpressive.
            • by Arker ( 91948 )
              Pretty much from Independence through the War of 1812. And then again after the War between the States up until WWI.
              • Some don't seem to consider pre-WWI history as existent.
              • That's not true. The US has always been at war, during its whole period of expansion and afterwards. There has never been a time where its military has not been on some "adventure" or another. There's nothing in its foreign policy that ever precluded war, only that it precluded challenges to US power and prestige, which is fading, only because the facade is harder to maintain without exposing the brutality needed to win a war. Public relations is a bitch with all the cameras around.

                • I can go halfway. The US has frequently been at war, true. But where was the war in the 1920s, for example?
                  More generally than that, our system of government offers almost no advice for interacting with other systems having less rapid transitions of power. I'll agree that:
                  (a) Team America: World Police no worky-worky
                  (b) Isolationism/Non-interventionism (whatever that means in a specific context) doesn't seem workable, against the backdrop of history.
                  (c) Some consistent policy between (a) and (c) has yet
                  • The 20s? Really? Every hear of Central America? Roosevelt's Corollary? Oh and in '32 the army was called in against Americans, in D.C., against veterans no less. by a republican president! All our favorite heroes were there, MacArthur, Patton, Eisenhower. The US has always been at war, claiming self defense, of course.

                    • *Yawn*. Look: arguing for absolute peace is kind of silly, because then the definition moves to non-state acts of violence. There just isn't going to be any peace-peace until the Carpenter returns.
                      I submit that it's useful to point out that Team America: World Police is a result of the National Security Act of 1947, and if you want to alter the course of our policy, you have to start by articulating what you're going to do instead of maintain this Pax Americana. We're engaged in an Orwellian effort to forg
    • The US did invade Germany and Guam, and they've been under occupation ever since.

"Never face facts; if you do, you'll never get up in the morning." -- Marlo Thomas