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Journal dave4ja's Journal: Making Her Date You Through Texts

Texting a girl can be scary, especially if you really like her. One small error caused by a finger will make all you chances with her disappear. You should learn how to text a girl to get dates. Keep it in mind that getting the date should be what you're aiming for when you text her.

Don't be like all the other guys who are ignorant of the texting ways to get girls.

Don't think that because she didn't reply she's not interested when you met her. Getting ignored and losing the interest of the girl is probably the main cause you're not getting dates. You can learn to text girls properly but you need to work on it and refine it.

Find out when to get in touch and some powerful techniques to make her crave you. If you're just starting out just now, you need to know what you're doing wrong first. Don't send her anything that might bore her to tears, that's the first.

Make it seem like you're different from all the other guys texting her all the time. And one more thing, don't send her too many text every time you get the chance. Instead, use it wisely by sending text that can intrigue her as stated in magnetic messaging pdf. Avoid sending her too many text at a time, wait for her to read them at least. And don't mistake texting as a proper conversation, there's a better way to do that.

Getting the urge to know more about her is not excuse to do just that. Also, don't be too eager when you reply to her. In case it's your first text, you can send her a text sooner than you think. You can text her even when she's in front of you and that would be funny, too.

Don't make it hard for her to remember you, remember that when you get her number. Alright? Never receive any weird message from any girl when you text them for the first time. When she's really hot, you know there are a lot of men vying for her attention. Make the move as soon as you can and don't let her wander with other numbers. And she'll lose any interest she had in you.

Because you're not the only person on her phone she's getting messages from. And it can't be anything lame either, you gotta start out right so do it right the first time. The better you can make her remember that moment before she handed you her number the better it is for you. Get the good things going and don't cut it short even when you're just texting her. It is that simple.

Start with something you remember about her or something you talked about. And before getting finger happy, think first if it's worth replying to or not. Think about your text. Is it any different? Does it excite her and make her want to reply?

Chances are, if something makes you laugh, maybe it will make her laugh, too. It doesn't how much you like her, what matters is how much she likes you. I know you know when it's happening to you and it's time to take a step back. Never let it overcome you if you don't want to be her puppy thrown away. You won't be as funny or worse you'll become needy and desperate. You may even start showing jealousy which is a no-no if you know what I mean. You don't want to make her flake on you, do you?

If you're not dating her and she's not your girlfriend, you have absolutely no reason to be jealous.

If she's not paying enough attention at you, don't feel bad about it. Don't give her the impression that you're just another chump waiting on her. Just remember that you have other girls to texts other than her. And beware of sending anything too needy or anything needy at all. Unless you want her to lose all attraction for you, go ahead and be needy. And that includes not sending your reply too soon every time you receive a message from her. Take a little time and wait and don't be too eager.

Don't send her more text than she sends you. In fact, you should limit the number of text you send her if you can. Use emoticons in moderation and only use it when necessary. No meaningless texts, no questions, no drunk ramblings. Don't seek any validation from her and send only texts shw'll want to respond to. And, if you don't like the friend zone, avoid any mindless chat with her.

Don't fall into that trap of just being friends with her. Why not just tease her and build more attraction. If you can, text her as if you're having the time of your life. You don't want to be anything like any body she knows. Be unique in your own special way. Give her the fun and enjoyment she needs.

Do this and she'll be thinking about you all night long. Making her feel like she's missing out on all the fun should be reason enough. You can do this by not answering every question she asks you. Know that what's important is the personality you're showing her in every message in you send. You know you'll only bore her with questions, so don't do it.

Just do something else. You will begin to annoy her and you'll only get ignored. If you want her to respond that badly then be sure your personality shines with your message. Make her laughing out loud and get her addicted to your text messages.

You can do that.

Even on the first text, a good joke works all the time, even lame ones. You can't be too predictable, either. You gotta keep her thinking about you. So every time you want to text her, you can wait before you send it. It's up to you. This can make her think about you without you doing anything special.

It also gives her some thrill of waiting for you next message. So be sure to remember this important point when you're texting girls. But be sure you're eliciting some good emotions in her. Be sure to get better and better at texting and using your phone. You dating life depends on it more than you know. Never lose hope even when you feel lost in the way things work. It can only get better and better.

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Making Her Date You Through Texts

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