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Journal Judg3's Journal: Hot Damn - Sweet sweet employment! 3

After 2 years of unemployment (Well, besides consulting - but you know how tough it can be to be a consultant these days!) I'm blissfully happily employed!

You're now looking at the Systems Management Engineer for Capella University - an online .edu that is right under Phoenix in terms of users and such. It's fully credited, the place just seems pretty cool, and above all - FREE COLLEGE!

Funny... I was bitching about not finding a good job due to my lack of a college degreee, and now I'll kill 2 birds with one stone - and to top it off, the pay is better then at my last full time job!

I do have to move from Milwaukee to Minneapolis though, which isn't all that bad - I grew up in MN. I start the 29th - March has always been a good month for me *shrug*

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Hot Damn - Sweet sweet employment!

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  • Here's hoping the job and the schooling both work out well for ya.

  • Hope you'll keep us posted, in your (diminished;) free time.
  • I appreciate it! I wanna get the word out about The Forums [] - more specifically, the Help Wanted [] section - I placed a small post, responded to a few others, and had several offers. Granted, some weren't real well paying, but I got out of one $50/mon + 2$/ticket + projects ($50 - $100 each) up to 650$ for a Win2k Admin. I only wished I would of gone there sooner - just as soon as I started to get into the groove, I got this job hehe.

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