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Journal TheRaven64's Journal: Soylent News 4

I've not been posting on Slashdot much this week, because I've been trying out Soylent News, which is using (and old version of) Slashcode (with some improvements) and lacks corporate overlords. It seems to have captured most of what I like about discussions in Slashdot, although is suffering slightly from not having nearly as many active users (50 or so comments is still the norm and it probably needs 100+ to be sustainable).
If you've not visited yet, I'd recommend giving it a go.

I'm TheRaven over there.

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Soylent News

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  • Signed up, but got a 4-digit UID. That extra decimal cramps my unique style, a bit... ;-)

    • Hah! I'll remember to call you a n00b when I see you post there :-)
      • Kinda fun. It looks a lot like did - when that forked a slashcode site back when...

        I was ID 167 at the old technocrat.

        • Yup. We'll see if it lasts better than Technocrat. Hopefully enough people will move over that it will have momentum. I'm willing to give it a go - I'll avoid checking Slashdot for a few weeks and see if Soylent picks up enough to be a viable replacement.

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