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Journal rjw57's Journal: Mondays...

Well, not much of an entry for the weekend :).

On Saturday Jennie and I got up early and went around bits of the National Science week stuff here with my parents and their French friends. All very nice and very tiring. Still my mother hinted at some exciting financial arrangements so things could be good on that front.

In the evening was Improv curry. There is definately a critical mass of improvised comedians and we attained it. Jokes were flying all night and, with comedians, when the ball is dropped someone not only picks it up and runs with it but propells it somewhere towards the far-reaches of the Universe as well.

After the curry, everyone decamped to the Pub to have beer and festivities. After the beer staret flowing an ambitious plan was crafted 'Impro 24', almost exactly the same idea as the series '24' but improvised, back to back, for 24 hours. Yes, a crack team of comedians will risk certain brain damage just for entertainment. OTOH, it being May Ball season, most people will be used to random sleep patterns.

Eventually we ended up in the ADC bar talkign about 'Impro 24' and attempting to work out where we could hold such a thing. Ideas at this point were not forthcoming.

Around half-midnight Jennie and I finally moved to our beds and I fell asleep and didn't wake up until Sunday afternoon -- a good night.

Sunday was pretty boring, with not much happening and now its Monday. Wondering about moving desks actually. A nice one has just become available...

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