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Journal jrockway's Journal: Let's take out the RIAA 1

Let's refuse to license them software. If they're using OSS, let's take it away.

Maybe Micro$oft will want to sell their music. RIAA sues M$, and then M$ de-licenses Windows and Office. Fuck you RIAA. You need our software more than we need your music. Eat shit and die :)

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Let's take out the RIAA

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  • I may be mistaken, but I'm pretty sure that if you're GPL'ing things, you can't write in a clause to exclude people from using the software. I suppose you could adopt the GPL to your own new licensing scheme, but there's two problems that arise:

    1. It's the poor slobs in the IT department who have nothing to do with the suited paper-pushers who suffer and
    2. You'd need a way to enforce the license (money) and a way to prosecute offenses (money) and a way to ensure the license would stand in court to begin wit

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