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Journal thinkninja's Journal: Ill Done

That was ill done.

Just lost 14% of a torrent and 60% of a donkey file by messing around with mldonkey's temp files. Possibly some others are messed up. Shalln't be doing that again.

Won't be trusting mldonkey with torrents at all anymore. Now that I have discovered GNU/Screen, it's btdownloadcurses all the way, baby! It seems faster, too, but I'll have to wait to verify that.

95% over the flu which kept me off work last week. Still had huge coughing fit before going to sleep last night. Tomorrow is my first early morning since Thursday. God it's going to blow.

XAnalogTV and Apple2 are "wicked cool XP®" screensavers. Analog really freaks out non-geeks :)

Right speaker crapped out but the left is fine, even though the left takes it's input from the right. Sort of serial, I guess. Took the right one apart but couldn't see anything obviously wrong with it. Put it back together and it worked(!) for a little bit. Ordered some Videologic 5.1s anyway. Saved £20 quid off this getting it from Amazon Marketplace. I have no idea where I'll put the other 3 speakers or the sub in this little room. I just couldn't resist a bargin!

Also bought a Victorinox SwissTool CS (comes w/ corkscrew, wrenches, pouch -- the top of the line model) after it was recommended in the comments of the USB penknife story. I'd been contemplating buying a Gerber but I've always loved the build quality of a Swiss army knife. My grandfather bequeathed me his old 5 feature one when I was 6. Not that I was ever allowed to use it, of course. My parents didn't even want me playing with toy guns. Just holding it under their watchful eyes I could feel it was an object of power and beauty (with +5 Utility). Saved £20 quid on this getting it off of ebay (yay!).

I also found someone selling a product for £30 quid a unit that you can get for £42 quid for 2 if you import from the States. I'm sure this is what they're doing, too. I might try importing & selling a few myself. "Lovely-jubbly!"

What, no pound signs? Bah!

Bad taste follows:

perl -e 'use Date::Manip; $date = DateCalc("sep 11 2001", "mar 11 2004", \$err); print Delta_Format($date,1,"%dt");'

You can just imagine Osama shouting, "It's a leap year you idiots!"

(Sorry, I know I'm going to hell.)

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Ill Done

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