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Journal Felinoid's Journal: Often said, often wrong

What of the folowing is true and what is false?
Amiga is dead, Macs are for newbies, Linux is hard, Windows is useless.

The answer is: All are nither.

Amiga made a number of computers and when they hit hard times that company died and was bought out by Commodore who sold the latest creation under the name "Amiga 1000".
However Commodore was also facing hard times and puked.
The Amiga name has been passed from company to company and is now owned by a company who has desided to continue the Amiga legacy as software.

However the Amiga lives on supported by the users. The vareous companys that made Amigas have died.

At the time Apple created the Macintosh most business people had no computer trainning.
The Macintosh was designed for this group of individuals.
Reporters, Secretarys, Accountents, Managers.. the vast majorty of whom knew nothing of computers.
In order for the Macintosh to be useful to thies people it needs to be easy AND preform all the complex tasks of powerful business systems of the day.
While most people run businesses from the PC they use software that was originally writen for the mac or based on existing Macintosh titles.
As a net result what your doing on Windows right now is not only doable on the Mac but is most likely a whole lot easier.

Linux wasn't designed as the Mac was. In that I mean it was never made to be used by people who have no trainning in computers.
People familure with Windows have a hard time getting use to Linux.
However this happeds with no other platform. Users of MacOs, OS/2, AmigaOs and Dos have made a smooth transition to Linux but a growing number of Windows users haven't.

Eather there is a fundemental diffrence between Linux and Windows that can be found no where else or Windows users are at bulk assuming everything runs like Windows.

Microsoft is pushing Windows into more and more market sectors than ever before.
However Windows itself has remained fundementally the same sense the beginning.
As a result Windows is being sold to do things it can not do or can't do very well.
This leaves a growing number of users the impression Windows is useless. In fact Windows is quite useful but no operating system is anywhere near as fuctional as Microsoft clames Windows is.

Windows for Warships?
Linux is the only "off the shelf" os vagely close to being able to do the job and that is becouse Linux can be rewriten and can run on any hardware but it is no better than using specalised operating systems or operating systems designed with automation in mind.

However Windows works quite well for a number of tasts. As a media/content client system (such as web browsing and video games) Windows has no match.

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Often said, often wrong

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