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Every Picture Tells A Story, Don'nit?

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  • Every picture sells a sorry donut.

  • That seeing is not believing. The press is extraordinarily lazy even in the fluff piece things. The local paper ran a story about 10 years ago of the resurgence of the technology business sector in Phoenix, and they used a picture of my then boss and a coworker working together on a computer. The picture was originally from a story 4 years prior to that about what we really were: a NASA funded research lab, and it was my boss and coworker doing the final calibrations on our instrument before going to therma

  • i have seen plenty of cg newspapers in games (sim city, axis and allies) and the press just reuse stock photos to get the story for their newspaper even if it is just a lie.

  • They're all brown people, so it's basically the same thing. Untwist your panties.

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