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Journal memfree's Journal: Bush is *how* friendly?

Has everyone but me seen the AP/Yahoo News picture of Bush and HUD Secretary Alphonso Jackson from 3/3/2004?

Update: Photo is now gone from Yahoo, but I saved the picture and its page (page and the rest copied on the 12th). The dead Yahoo link, may still have original caption :

President George Bush, right, rubs the head of Alphonso Jackson, acting Secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (news - web sites), before making his remarks at the White House Conference on Faith-Based and Community Initiatives event in Los Angeles Wednesday, March 3, 2004. Bush is on a two-day campaign swing of Southern California. (AP Photo/Kevork Djansezian)


A coworker and myself burst out laughing while another shook his head saying, "Now that's just sad."

"I guess they're really, *really* good friends!" says I.

"Still," says bummed coworker, "even if you feel comfortable doing that in private, please have the sense to refrain at photo-ops!"

I say, "At least it explains his defensiveness on gay issues."

Bummed coworker, "All it needs is the caption, 'Yessuh, Massuh!'". With that, he rolls his eyes and closes the browser window.

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Bush is *how* friendly?

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