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Journal squiggleslash's Journal: Beta, the boycott, and discussion quality 3

It does appear, with the "boycott" of Slashdot in full swing, that discussion quality on Slashdot is markably improved, not simply better than when it was when the betoddlers were throwing their rattles out of the high chair, but improved compared to how it is usually. This is, of course, my perception, and it's possible that I'm seeing what I want to see. Still, I'm seeing mostly on-topic material, and strangely I haven't commented as much as I did pre-boycott because I usually find someone else has said either what I wanted to say, or something that addressed my thoughts so entirely I don't need to say it.

Some thoughts:

Obviously beta isn't in place yet, and quite honestly, it needs work - the concept is great, but it needs lots of features implemented that aren't yet. So it's unlikely that people using beta are improving the place. On the other hand, it could be argued that people who liked D2 and stuck around after its implementation were the wrong type of contributor. People who remained despite D2 ensured some level of quality was maintained, but for the most part the decision by many to leave caused Slashdot a severe amount of damage.

What we have, with Slashdot sans betoddlers, is a mix of hangers on, new people who weren't attracted especially by D2, and people who never cared that strongly and still don't.

To that end, while I'm sure Dice is reconsidering whether it's worth going ahead with the redesign given the fit many have thrown, I think it would be worth their while accelerating the process and getting Beta "finished" and feature complete. I think Slashdot will benefit from a refresh, I think Beta is going in the right direction - even if the process of testing it was, maybe, perhaps, just stupid, and I think the people most upset about the changes are, with a few exceptions (because there always are) not the people who actually make Slashdot a good place to be.

One thing I would suggest is Dice open source the new Slashcode (if they haven't already, I haven't seen anything to suggest they have). It'd help us contribute improvements, show good faith, and be entirely in keeping with the history of this website which has always been free software.

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Beta, the boycott, and discussion quality

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  • Just the combination of in-joke trolling, occasional insights and actual vestige of a once-nascent community...

    I am aiming at being the last active Slashdot user, as I was one of the first, when Rob added comments to the site...

    • I occasionally find an interesting article. That and it's kinda home despite the fact I feel that someone else keeps rearranging the furniture, in a deliberate attempt to get me to leave ;-)

      I'm reluctant to start hoping that D3 (or whatever it is this'll be called once it's no longer in Beta) might be so good it brings back the circle, my communications with Slashdot have, thus far, been positive but suggestive that functionality I care about is not what they're working on right now. But it's a nice thou

    • I'm mainly here feeding my Burma Shave troll.

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