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-1 "Troll" - with NO "Troll" Mods!

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  • This site just continues to astound.
  • The list only shows the last three mods. The forth rolls off. That's why it's only showing 80% total.

    • The list only shows the last three mods.

      Has it always been that way? I thought it used to show a list of a larger number of mods than that.

      That's why it's only showing 80% total.

      Their math has always been crap on that. If you had three mods applied to a comment it would arbitrarily call one to be 40% and the other two 30% for no reason. And of course the math only got worse after 5 mods on one comment.

      However the JE makes a good point regardless; if the comment has only been moderated troll once, why does the final label on the comment show that and not any of the moderations

      • by mcgrew ( 92797 ) *

        I've had ten or fifteen moderations in a single comment before, but as reported by "messages". I can't tell how many have moderated from clicking the score, only percentages.

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Yet magic and hierarchy arise from the same source, and this source has a null pointer.