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Journal mcgrew's Journal: Nobots Chapter Twenty Eight

Online now.

"So," I asked Rority, "who's going to win the superbowl?"

"Who's gonna what the what?"

"I thought you were an expert on us?"

"Yeah, before the wired centuries. You wired weirdos are weird."

"So, how far are we going?"

"Fifteen years."

"No! Drop me at home!"

"It's out of my way. Here we go..."

Kneel died
        The Katalysmic Media page looks like this today: "WE HAVE GONE.... THIS SITE IS NO MORE.....BUT FEAR NOT.......WE SHALL RETURN SOON AT A NEW ADDRESS"
        I hope he didn't move in with crash! 2/8/1999

Gameplex died
        The Game Complex has been missing since last week. This ransom note was finally posted:

Please stand by as Gameplex undergoes reconstruction.
In the weeks to come, we will be able to offer the
latest from the gaming industry, accompanied by
exclusive previews and reviews.

Internet died
        Gameplex is missing; Neil is mising; conspiracy theorists agree something foul is hatching.
        Further investigation finds, however, they've just gotten lost in the gamespyder. 2/9/1999

Yello frags Neil
        Yello, questioned about the disappearance of Neil Katalysmic, denied responsibility. Actually, it was his granny that did the denying, saying "Tsk tsk, that boy's totally irresponsible."
        And regarding disappearances, Tikki was heard to say "Hey, what's with Gameplex, you heard anything?"
        Harry Houdini was dug up for questioning and later released. Police are now looking for a gentleman named "David Copperfield". It is not known if Mr. Copperfield is a suspect in the disappearances. 2/9/1999

Blue Disconnected
        "It is with sincere regret that I announce that the message boards... are no more... some of the few who were using it were using it as a forum for abuse..."
          And here I've been wasting my time at Planet Crap, with "all the news that's fit to whine, bitch, and complain about." 2/10/1999

Internet Disconnected
        The Game Complex, Kneel, Nacho Extreme, Spew's show 100, and clan sites that registered with gamespyder are all still missing. Yello, in possession of some sort of Timewarp substance, amulet, or device, claims he is not responsible. 2/10/1999

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Nobots Chapter Twenty Eight

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