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Journal The Cydonian's Journal: On The Bus Home Tonight. 1

An artifact from the past:- a ticket checker with a hypercool RFID(?)-reader checking everyone's tickets/cards to see if they have, indeed, paid the full fare amount or not. The checker comes to each one of us, asks us for our ticket/card, taps it against his reader, and then proceeds, presumably, to fine anyone who hasn't paid the correct fare.

But ah, we note with amused impunity, it isn't *buses* where we beat the fare system. :-)

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On The Bus Home Tonight.

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  • Ahh, damn (Score:3, Funny)

    by metlin ( 258108 ) on Wednesday March 03, 2004 @03:12PM (#8454453) Journal
    I was hoping for the other saga on the bus.

    Concerts, Delhi-ites, late night... you get the idea. Damn man, do you not want me to have a go at slandering you mate? :-p

    I'm apparently quite good at it, don't you hear? Although one might wonder why I would want to slander myself :-S

    So are you going to post that, ah-so-interesting Das Capital Experience, my friend? ;-) Or are we still going to be hanging around RFID tags and other innane and boring things?

    Makes one wonder, though.

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