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Journal squiggleslash's Journal: The redesign 4

Getting tired of every thread being hijacked by whiny children.

I've tried the beta. It's nice. It's obviously not finished yet (to give an example: are we expected to believe that the final version will have a prominent way to show journals, but not submit them, or have access to a friends/foes interface to view journals of friends?) but it's clean, it ends the absurdity of D2 with CmdrTaco's absurd experiment with sliders, and very readable. I would, in addition to restoring critical functionality like that just mentioned, also lose the sidebar on articles.

Has Dice made any serious mistakes? Well, the only major one I'd argue they've done is to release it way too early and to do so in a way that made people feel like it was foisted upon them.

I'm tired of seeing every thread hijacked by the people who don't like it. And here's the thing: D2 was also a clusterfuck. To this day things like the user info page is virtually useless with information about moderation and replies being located on an entirely different page to information about what you posted. D2 made Slashdot horrible, that's when the system really jumped the shark and you saw a mass exodus to other websites.

Condemning Dice for trying to fix that is worse than unhelpful.

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The redesign

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