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Journal mcgrew's Journal: Nobots Chapter Twenty Seven 2

Online now. I may release the whole book for free at the end of the month.

But that's not what I wanted to talk about. I want to know why Dice wants slashdot dead? That beta clusterfuck HAS to be engineered to drive people away.

So I'm on a friend's PC (Windows 7, IE 7) while he's making a beer run and I decide to visit slashdot. It comes up... that god damned beta. Shit. So I try the "nobeta=1". Doesn't work.

There's nowhere I can log in. So I post a comment AC offtopically bitching about the god damned beta bullshit and its problems, go to another tab, make an on-topic, insightful comment and "you must wait a little while". GOD DAM IT, SLASHDOT!!

So I read a couple more threads, go back to the "you must wait a little while" and try again to submit the comment. "This resource is no longer valid."

Did Dice have another web site that was competing badly with slashdot, so they bought slashdot to kill it? Because I can think of no other explanation for their recent behavior.

Can anybody point me to another site where one can discuss tech and science? Because slashdot is becoming unusable. When classic is gone, so am I.

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Nobots Chapter Twenty Seven

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  • reddit is almost like slashdot except that everyone has infinite modpoints and they all use every last one of them. A slashdot migration there would result in the slashdot hivemind being consumed rapidly by the reddit hegemony.

    Hacker News is almost like reddit except way uglier and you can only mod down once your karma is high enough. It's real news for real nerds. It's likely that the residents who have enough karma to mod down would ensure that the slashdot horde would never reach that level of karma.

    • by mcgrew ( 92797 ) *

      Yeah, agreed on all of them. Ars is good for articles but horrible at comments.

      A couple of days ago someone pointed me to a site someone is building [altslashdot.org] because of slashdot classic going away. Right now there's little more than a wiki, but they're planning to migrate to slashcode. It's embryonic right now, we'll see.

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