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Journal bildstorm's Journal: Trip to Acton

Yesterday, the 26th of March, was a day for which my fellow coworkers will admire and despise me. Yes, yesterday I spent a couple hours in the OSDN offices meeting with hemos. That was pretty cool. He said I should mention the chocolate chip cookies to my coworkers, too. Oh well.

The cool part is that we got to talk about the interesting stuff that goes on with community sites like this on. That and we rambled on about other stuff like the socially-aware geeks we are.

What'll make me really happy is if we find a way for my company (well, the company that pays my bills - I don't own it) to work with OSDN and maybe enable it to be more successful than it already is.

BTW - For those who don't realise it, Pennsylvania is a really friggin' huge state. I drove from Newville, PA (40 mi WSW of Harrisburg, PA) up to Acton, MA. Well over half that drive was in PA, and while the Poconos may be pretty, they suck in the rain.

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