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Journal Nidhogg's Journal: Suggestions? 19

The wedding fast approacheth.

Things are moving along nicely except for Kat's identity crisis. Her purse got stolen a few years back and she lost all her ID. It hasn't been a problem so far. Until now. We need to get a marriage license.

Can't get a marriage license without current photo ID. Can't get a state ID card without a birth certificate. Can't get a SS card without a photo ID.

Ah bureaucracy. How I love thee. No really.

We'll get it solved though.

Anyways the reason I asked you here. I've tried to come up with songs for the ceremony and so far I've pulled a big goose egg. We briefly considered closing the ceremony with ZZ Top's Pearl Necklace for the sheer bliss of seeing my brother lying in the aisle unable to breathe because of laughter. That and the look of horror on my father's face. But I guess that wouldn't be "appropriate". Whatever that is.

So... suggestions?

And the first one to suggest anything by Bette Midler will have Em sicced on them. And we don't want that now do we?

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  • The 'procession' (aka, when ya leave when your all married up) was the James Bond theme. We wanted 'The Imperial March,' but it was already done by one of the wife's relatives.
    • We did a plethora of classical piano music before and after the wedding.

      Of course, ours was in our backyard and rather small, so YMMV.

      Our dance song was Everything I do (I do it for you) by yeah, Brian Adams. Any of ya'll got a problem with that?

      Didn't think so.
      • Our dance song was Everything I do (I do it for you) by yeah, Brian Adams. Any of ya'll got a problem with that?

        GHEY! (I'd say "GAY" but that might start DaytonCIM up again)

        Ours was "It had to be you" sung by Harry Connick Jr (Harry is a fav or hers and mine).

        Now that is a badass song, not some 80s weirdo ca-rap.
        • Dude PUHLEEASE!

          Harry "effin" Connick Jr?

          Almost as Ghey as if you'd had Sinatra playing.

          Now that is a badass song, not some 80s weirdo ca-rap

          Where's that damned foe button.
          • You did NOT just desecrate Frankie in front of me... tell me you just didn't do that.

            Ahh, well, I got my rant off on your JE so I'm not nearly as pissed off as I should be.
          • This just in!

            1. Kat says:

            2. Quote: Almost as Ghey as if you'd had Sinatra playing.

              Kat says:
              tell Em HE IS GEI

              Kat says:
              I F'n LIKE Sinatra!

              Kat says:

            Now you've done it.
            • same offer I gave FK.

              I get to not like Sinatra, you get to drink a shitty beer with me.

              Sounds like a plan? ;)

              And tell Kat that she hurt my feelings. Both of them. And they are going to sue for defamation of character.
  • that 'somebody's getting married' song was all i could think of. Failing that, there's always the song weird Al did on the simpsons...


  • 'The Stroke'

    It's touching and groovy.
  • Don't know what to use for the processional. Our first dance was to Percy Sledge's "When a Man Loves A Woman", it's a great song.

    "The Famous Polka" by They Might Be Giants?

    I dunno.

  • Trashy Women, Confederate Railroad
  • My processional was some classical piece -- can't remember who it was or what it was called, but you'd recognize it if you heard it (although I'm not sure I would). I think it might have been Handel or Haydn. I did NOT want "Here Comes the Bride." *gag*

    Recessional was the Liberty Bell March. Yes, the one that concludes every Monty Python episode. Got some laughs, felt very triumphant -- good choice.

    Our first dance was to a Shawn Colvin cover of the Talking Heads' "Naive Melody (This Must Be the Place)".
    • Heh.

      Um bethanie. I turn 40 this year and this is a second marriage for both of us. We have four kids already between us aged 22, 19, 17, and 15. She even has three grandchildren already.

      Baby names aren't going to be a problem. So HA!! right back atcha.

      I like the Monty Python idea. Now to just get her to buy into it.
      • You just *think* you're done with the baby names. But I'll save my biggest HA! till you're sitting there goin' D'OH!!!

        Hubby's 41, btw -- will be 42 right around when the 2nd baby arrives, so you're *definitely* not too old. Unless you've been snipped, in which case you're exempt. Unless it didn't take, and you just haven't realized it yet... Bwa ha ha ha ha!!

        Sales pitch: The Liberty Bell March makes a great, non-traditional recessional that will amuse people who "get it" and not mean anything to people
    • Heh. I side stepped this naming the children issue by already having most of the name of my first male child picked out (no clue on the girls).

      My first born male child will have foud names. My middle name is my fathers first name. My firsts born boy will have his own first name, followed by my first name, followed by my fathers first name, then ended with our last name. This is a nice tradition I would like to continue that my dad started. It gives a sense of who my family is.

      I figure my wife (whoeve
  • I'd save it for the reception. Maybe for the dollar dance.

    We didn't have much in the way of music at our wedding, it was a small affair in a greenhouse (good plan for not having to pay for real flowers). My favorite music event, however, was at the reception (not much bigger than the wedding). Cabaret had some significance for us (I proposed with a pineapple, among other things) and so we had recorded the entire soundtrack (without re-listening to it to think) to play at the reception. We had been livin

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