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Role Playing (Games)

Journal Nidhogg's Journal: KoC: HAH! 4

This is what I've been waiting for. After abandoning the "balanced" strategy I decided to go with FK's Extreme Defense.

Why? Because I earned that money fair and square sitting there doing... nothing. And I hate it when people steal my shit.

As a result I've completely ignored my offense for the last three days and have pumped everything into defense.

But that doesn't keep me from attacking. At this level it seems not a lot of people pay attention to their defense. Case in point:

  1. Your troops inflict 1,578 damage on the enemy!
    The enemy sustains 0 casualties!

    fastfours's forces counter-attack and inflict 142 damage on your army!
    Your army sustains 0 casualties!

Nothing spectacular. Actually it's probably somewhat less than spectacular. But I got 23k+ out of it.

It gets better though.

It seems Mr/Ms fastfour didn't like me stealing from them about as much as I don't like people stealing from me. So they decided to attack me and get their money back five hours later. Results:

  1. Your troops inflict 10,726 damage on the enemy!
    The enemy sustains 0 casualties!

    fastfours's forces attack and inflict 3,431 damage on your army!
    Your army sustains 0 casualties!

HAH! I don't THINK so Scooter. Get that weak shit outta here!

I'm beginning to like this game...

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  • Yep. That's what its all about. I was even worse. I sold all my offensive weapons (they are still gone), cause my attacks weren't doing crap. The lower people tend to try and go all offense, so you don't need a powerful O to kill them, and your superpower D can stand up to them no problem.
  • and it hasnt let me down yet, as long as I keep my gold reserves down. Just two days ago, I was able to get 45,000 from someone whos counter attack was just 400 or so. I will probably have to put some money into defense eventually, as I get more money per turn, but that is still a ways off.

    btw, don't forget, you can click your own recruit link to get more troops. I only figured this out recently...

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