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Journal two_socks's Journal: An open call to Clinton supporters and bashers 3

While out to dinner with friends last night, one of them said something I found shocking. It went something like "At least Clinton proved that a Democrat in the Whitehouse doesn't mean the military will shrink."

My understanding is that it shrank considerably. So, I would like input from anyone willing to comment - have you heard something like this before. It doesn't quite jive with what I've heard. Please weigh in with your comments, and feel free to provide both numbers and links.


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An open call to Clinton supporters and bashers

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  • If I had numbers at my fingertips I would give them to you, but there was a massive reduction in active duty troop numbers, Army divisions declined in number, Navy declined in troops and ships, National Guard Aviators declined nearly 20%, etc.
    • That's been my impression. I am hoping to have someone provide evidence to the contrary, actually, to see where a notion like this comes from. Of course, my postings in the past haven't exactly courted the sort that would rush in to defend Clinton, so this might be a less than fruitful request.
      • Well, just from work I have seen the Army Guard Aviator population drop from 5000+ to the 3000 range. Fo an official source I duggest readers look elsewhere because I am not allowed to be an official source for that, thus the sloppy numbers.

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