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  • I'd open those legs up just a bit. I might be a misanthrope, but I think we can afford the average human a little more faith when it comes to how much of the universe they can handle taking in.

    Good graphic though.
  • And I don't know why it was left open at the bottom

    • Nah mate, you're thinking of Sauron.
    • Funny thing was the placement of capitalism on the left side, just to piss on the standard directional tags.
      • Think of the amount of conditioning it took for you to get to a point where you would even notice that.

        Anytime you don't believe that we're being trained to accept a narrow view of the political spectrum, remember this (which, I guess, is the point of JC's post).

        The problem isn't left and right, it's how effective the programming has been on us. I think that as I watch you and damnregistrars fighting like a couple of kittens over a piece of string. It's all slights and outrage and #Benghazi! and more slig

        • The people at Davos must laugh and laugh.

          And note the us/them dichotomy you set forth.

          But every heart will beat its last,
          With these days of vanity past,
          And see the Judge who bid its birth,
          To discover what this vanity's worth.

        • You are trying to tell a fish that he is wet.

          As to our master debaters, which one is the string? And who's pulling it?

    • It's the Goatse.cx of power.

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