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Journal thinkninja's Journal: fehdora

So, the parts didn't get delivered today. Ach, weil.

I might do well to get a SATA drive for the new system. Trouble is I wouldn't be able to install Woody on it. It should be possible to install on an IDE drive, update the to the 2.6 kernel, and then copy that across to the SATA. Maybe.

It's a non-issue until I can afford to buy one, anyway. Advice: Don't lend people who do drugs money. You never know when you might need it.

Can't work out where half the money in my current account has gone this week. Okay, that's a little misleading. I don't have a savings account because I'm dirt poor, I just have one account that gets emptied every month. This month I sucked it dry faster than usual. Probably the rent payment hadn't been deducted when I last checked the balance.

Halted gnoppix download and ordered a copy of morphix-gnome-0.4-1, but hopefully I'll have a working desktop before it arrives. Unless I need a new processor, too...

The thing that annoys me the most about this is it's stopped me from getting 24 day 3 and alias episodes. I don't think either will be corrupted -- 'luckily' the damage to hda2 seems to be mostly in /boot/ & /etc/ -- but who knows?

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