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Journal mcgrew's Journal: Nobots Chapter Twenty Three 1

Online now. And Rority's in a hurry, as to why I don't WHOA...

Steve's brain does a back flip in the lava
        Duh. I got the RA show fixed. for some reason, gameplex's server doesn't like RA, and shows the container instead of running its contents. No problem, just put the HTML and container on famvid and the show on gameplex.
        It worked after I fixed a really stupid HTML error I made. SO, show 2 is now on line. Homage is paid to Captain Kevin and Flamethrower, and a dig at "Tadd portley". Again, mostly music, not much talk.
        Patty's not on this one, but says if you have kids to have them get on a Jazz Jackrabbit (Quake for kids; If you're her age, you're too damned young for real Quake) server so she can kick their butts. Tell them to look for "Calie" on the server and "Patty" in the high scores; the nick is her cat's name. Patty tells me the high scores are uploaded to the Jazz server and downloaded to the Jazz clients when you join an internet game. She also says to tell them that when you play CTF you're not supposed to shoot your team members.
        Both shows are on the Quake Music page. 1/22/1999

Newbies frag Steve
        I've finally gotten around to posting the better questions newbies have sent in. Private net servers, cheat problems, and more.
        Also, I added the soundtrack back to the humor page, and pasted in a picture of a dead cowboy.
        I stole the cowboy from some clan on geocities. I'd give them credit but it's been on my hard drive so long I forgot where it came from. They probably stole it from somebody else, anyway. I posted it next to the Planet Quake Mail Bomb, since it looks like it may have once been a PQ "pic of the day". I think it may have originally been an ad for Quaker Oats? 1/23/1999

Evil died
        The Weakly Web will be down for a while while Mr. Avatar "works out a small personal issue" (like improving yer golf swing, dude?)
        Kudos for the Evil one for telling us instead of just letting his page rot. SO, I guess there's a new "Ticket to nowhere" contest on!
        crash, Immy, and all the other permanently dead sites are ineligible. Let your page go without an update longer than Evil Avatar and you may win a no expense paid ticket to absolutely nowhere!
        BitchX is ineligible for two reasons. First, "she" almost never updates anyway, and second, well, she's a bitch.
        Stay tooned.
        Meanwhile, Evil's hosted sites (Flamethrower and LamingInsider) are still open for business. In fact, Flamey updated today. 1/25/1999
UPDATE: Spew hasn't, but I'm sure Desatio will in time to lose the contest. Meanwhile, Yello did. Something. I think. Hey, Kneel, where'd ya hide that damned Fragfest link? Ya want me ta bust yer starvatron again? 1/26/1999

Lew Czar trips on his own grenade
        Posted at Planet Crap yesterday is what appears to be its first "real" article, an interview with joost and some folks from Frag.com and Telefragged. Andy did an excellent job on the interview, which was Planet Crap's longest subject heading ever. Little of the discussion that followed (as of last night) was much more than "nice job, Andy!" (it really was a nice job) and "I like both these guys so I'm not going to comment".
        The heading/article started "You knew this was going to be a subject...", so my first post was a quote from the Fragfest (see Oldstuff 1/25, moved 1/28). Hulka, still pissed that Ross Perot lost the election, posted a Clinton joke.
        Things got interesting when ice boi and iforgotwhatthefraghisnamewas showed up spewing obscenities and talking about joost in Planet Quake like he was the devil in hell. Most of it was pretty incomprehensible (bet I spelt that wrong) and very juvenile, but it got funny. Not "class clown making rude gestures at the teacher behind her back" kind of funny, but "class dwork with his fly down" kind of funny. They were advocating a boycott of Planet Quake- Planet Quake, who has more visitors in a day than any other fifty Quake sites combined. This from the head of Klan l00z3r, who has maybe, what, twelve hits on his counter? I finally figured out what Lew's problem was- joost wouldn't pimp his pathetic page last year, which as of last summer was totally devoid of content! They do have a little content now; some really talentless skins, one of which is a bad ripoff of Evil Bastard's work.
        Planet Crap kicks and bans no one. They don't have to. If you make an ass of yourself over there, the other folks posting (crash, Gestalt, joost, Hulka, Flamethrower, Desiato, to name a few of too many to name) will make you wish you'd stayed on the Barbie Fasion Designer page.
        As for Klan l00z3r, I'm going to put them in the regular links. The link will lead to "LOL file not found". These guys are exactly what everybody in the Quake community are bitching about. If we're all lucky they'll give up Quake and go back to Myst and Deer Hunter. Or better yet, they'll grow up. If they do that and improve their page a little more, I really will give them a link. 1/27/1999

CPU Melted
        If you want to find out how to turn your PC into a really fast space heater, check out BX Boards. 1/27/1999

Toys melted
        If you really want to have some fun with your overclocked PC, put these Quake 2 "action figures" on top! 1/27/1999

Evil and Desatio gib ticket
        Evil Avatar and Desatio, fighting like a cat and dog to keep from winning the ticket, have tied for the ticket to nowhere. Desatio (I'm speling that wrong, ain't I? damn!) Desiato is in Chicago. Being in Illinois, he's already in Nowhere (Springfield is the capital of Nowhere). God knows where Mystery Man Evil is.
        Any way, they tore the ticket to shreds trying to get the hell way from it; both have posted. So I guess I'll have to get a new ticket.
        Desiato has two new shows, one talking about banner ads. He got rid of his (it was a pop-up geocities thing) about the time I got mine. Oh, you haven't seen it? It's WAY down at the bottom of the page. Go ahead and click it, I won't make (or lose) any money on it. I get a gig of space for having it there. Pretty good deal, I think.
        OOPS, gimme back those ticket pieces, boys; Planet Ho Slap wins the no-expense paid ticket to Nowhere. Along with their fabulous no-expense vacation, they also recieve absolutely nothing. Sleek, modern transportation provided by the contest winners. Congratulations, ya hos! 1/27/1999
        UPDATE: Desiato did yet ANOTHER new show last night, and mentioned the fragfest AGAIN! Next time I get to Chicago I'm gonna hafta buy him a beer! For now, I think I'll just post a GREAT BIG Spew logo. 1/28/1999

Hulka frags fragfest
Netscape sank like a rock

        I got a note from the Sarge tonight, who said the "Quake gibs Flamethrower" and "Lew Czar" posts (the part about his Clinton joke) "really cracked me up". I tried to write him back with a "hey, thanks, dude!" and the damned winsock crashed. I tried to resend it, and- it crashed again! Krapola!
        So, Sarge, if you got two replies, sorry again; and if you didn't get one at all, I'm especially sorry.
        And hey, if I'm that good, gimme a link ;)
        UPDATE: He got the mail, and sent news of a new project "better than Slipgate". Sarge- for the sake of poetry, open it March 9th (1st anniversary of Slipgate's closing) 1/28/1999

Internet can't escape internet's super shotgun
        - Almost a year after Slipgate died, Gestalt hinted of "something better than Slipgate" over at Planet Crap.
        - Sgt Hulka's informed me that he also has something better than Slipgate in the works! And HEY he gave me a front page mention over there! Thanks, Sarge! Uh, wait a minute, the post said something about crack...
        And, uh, I looked at that email again, and he's right; HE didn't say his Slipgate was better than Slipgate, Gestalt said HIS Slipgate was better than Slipgate; Sarge said he "had something in the works, too". It must be the coffee and beer (I can't afford crack. I can hardly afford the one I sit on).
        - Quakeport (better than Slipgate, cause it's not dead) has put the Fragfest in its "What's Hot" list. Damned if I know why, it's January in Springfield!
        - If you want to see a sharp page with a ton of well done game reviews, go see Gone Gold, my newest "link buddy".
        OOPs, strike that; Hulka's linkin', too! And he's got about the LOL funniest page on the web!
        - From Blue's: "GotMilk? Interview PlanetStarSiege's GotMilk? Interview talks with Dynamix's Mark Frohnmayer". Think Tadd Portley will loan Yello his lawyer? Why not?
        - Blue also says "Sony Sues Connectix", and Metallica is heard to say, er sing, "SO ****ING WHAT"
        - I didn't spell check this. As Metallica says...

Gameplex frags new gamer's page
        For the last month I've peen privy to a new page that looks good, and have had to keep under my hat. Last night I was informed via icq that I could mention it, but not give out the url yet (because the real url doesn't work yet). It may be up by tomorrow. If it is, I'll give out the url then.
        Speaking of icq, I was on it quite a bit last night; something has gone wrong with an unknown driver and Quake is hosed on my machine. While I was there, Neil (Yellow) popped by and told me to have a look at the front page of his Katalystic Media page, so I did- Thanks, Neil!
        Unfortunately, it seems to be down right now. Neil told me last night that the internet was messed up all over England. It seems to be a world-wide thing, since some Canadian sites were down yesterday as well.
        I suspect it's Yello's Granny's fault- I think she got him the wrong tube for that starvatron and it's overloading the CIA's big pukatron machine over here in the U.S. 1/29/1999

Moon can't escape Blue's super shotgun
        As Blue pointed out, there's a blue moon out tonight. Look for an update from BitchX.
        Also at Blues, there's mention of WebDog, the service that will let you know BitchX has updated.
        There's another Slipgate that's better than Slipgate (because it still exists) at Game Compass. This one should be to games what Quakeport is to Quake. Unfortunately, it's still l33+ (meaning nobody's heard of it), so its database is still pretty small. Drop by and add your site so I can find it! 1/31/1999

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Nobots Chapter Twenty Three

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    Unfortunately, it seems to be down right now. Neil told me last night that the internet was messed up all over England. It seems to be a world-wide thing, since some Canadian sites were down yesterday as well.
    I suspect it's Yello's Granny's fault- I think she got him the wrong tube for that starvatron and it's overloading the CIA's big pukatron machine over here in the U.S. 1/29/1999

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