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Journal jeffy124's Journal: More Office Lunacy.... 4

On Friday, the Phillies held an auction and sale of leftover items from Veterans Stadium. At one point, the man inside the Phanatac's suit (the mascot) took a break, took off the costume, and walked around for a while. Upon return to the dressing room, the headpiece was gone.

A guy here at work who holds season tickets went to auction and bought a few things (small bottle of dirt, square of turf, square of wall).

Monday night into Tuesday word of the theft had leaked out into the press, and the joke was made that the co-worker was responsible. So last night I threw together an official-looking Wanted poster, complete with Phila Police Dept badge emblem and official-sounding description. Except I didnt have a picture of the guy. A co-worker went into the folder containing our ID pictures, and got me one (dont worry, it's a full 3x5 image, not a thumbnail).

I hung the 8.5x11 poster on the bulletin board near this guy's cube, and it didnt take long to be noticed. The connection was quickly made that the photo was from the guy's ID, pointing the finger at the guy who provided it to me. He thus far has played along, especially since he's the better known office prankster :-)

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More Office Lunacy....

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