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Journal Captain Goatse's Journal: No more 2 post per day limit for me?

It seems as I can post more than the old boring 2 comments per day right now, this should be my fourth today, for example. It might be because my previous posts actually got modded up, some nicer trolling actually pays off after a while :) And doing it in the first post too, of course. It also helps a lot to actually know what is being said in the news article.

But still... all my comments were pretty much only modded funny(and my arrow keys on the keyboard do not work for some reason, so I won't bother capitalizing the f in Funny) and some various Troll, Flamebait and Off-Topic - just because of my username and previous posts :)

Anyway, my current goal is to get back to Score: 0 by default, I actually managed it for a little while but quickly got modded down. Possibly because of my old signature, my current is much less prone to downmodding as it might be funny(I haven't actually watched the movie with sound yet).

I've also got a new anti-GNAA troll in store, it came from some Rob Malda-Furry bashing link to Google Groups, I went and searched around for some fun stuff and found This! Haha!?

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No more 2 post per day limit for me?

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