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The Ghosts of Scandals Past Just Keep Haunting

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  • They would have taken Fr. Gerald Fitzgerald's advice [] and exiled sex abusing priests back in the 1960s to an island far, far away.
    If Obama and the Democrats were smart, they'd do the same with Hillary. The only way to end a scandal is to eliminate the participants.

    • If Obama and the Democrats were smart, they'd do the same with Hillary.

      You should check your figures first. I think you will find a complete reassessment of the situation is necessary. Keep your eyes on the prize. The true scandal isn't anywhere near them.

      • The only scandal is that, presented with the opportunity to craft an optimal country, we have people cheerfully scuttling that and opting for a resurgence of aristocracy.
        • Your aristocracy was never diminished. It merely shifted, and not by much. This illlusionary past you cling to is simply a childhood fantasy. It never existed. Hell, you didn't even notice until five years ago. You were perfectly happy with the standing aristocracy of your peers until then.

          • Meh. I'll give you a 50% on that. The internet has kind of blown the lid off of some things, and permitted information dispersal that was previously unavailable.
            I kinda chuckle when you go all Ecclesiastes [] on me, "The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun."
            While certainly true in a spiritual sense, and increasingly true in a political sense, I do not consider Progressivism quite the prison you seem to.
            • I do not consider Progressivism quite the prison you seem to.

              Perhaps you should. Progressivism, born of the French Revolution by it's diabolical fathers Robespierre and the Jacobins -- and that movement's demonic spawn -- socialism, communism, fascism, modern liberalism, and all other forms of totalitarianism -- are the worst blights humanity has ever had to endure.

              Consider the body counts of Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Castro and his little murder-gimp Che, the Il family in N. Korea... and even here in Amer
              • Oh, I agree, we are baked, in the near- to mid-term. But I just can't swing the anguish level you seem to reach.
                • It's not really anguish, as I know how this story ultimately ends. And I'm aware that I sound like I need a placard and a bell....
              • Mussolini would be proud...

                Yes, he would. The last 30 (more like 10,000, but who's counting?) years have been a sight to behold.

                Oh, what is this 'left' you speak of?

                • The "Left" I speak of is the "Progressive" movement that traces it's roots to it's fathers: Marx, Robespierre, and others. It portrays itself as a Secular Humanist movement that seeks to create an atheist "utopia", when in reality it's just another Death Cult.

                  And it is a religion - abortion is the unholy sacrament of the Left, and Leftism demands strict adherence to it's precepts:
                  * Global Warming is caused my people and WE MUST DO SOMETHING NOW -- when that "something" is always more totalitarian contr
                  • I don't fully equate the Left with Marx. I think you have to look a Bismarck and understand that the Welfare State is the modern bread & circuses that keep the aristocracy in power and the lumpenproletariat on the reservation.
  • Breaking news, there. When a credible news source releases it I will consider it worth while.

    And when did your favorite conspiracy theory devolve into "scandals past"? You haven't stopped talking about, and neither has the media. Just because it is over a year old doesn't mean it is getting less attention from your favorite "mainstream" media outlets.
    • Where in the media have you ever heard it? Last I saw it in the MSM (NOT stupid cable channels, not conspiracy sites) was back when it happened.

      • I read most of my news through google news [], which indexes a huge list of different sources. Without searching for Benghazi, the regular front page that google gives me for news pretty well has at least one story relating to it every day.

        That said, even the "liberal" media (Huffington Post, Daily Kos, etc) was still talking about Benghazi for at least a couple months. Then the conspiracy theorists went nuts with it afterwards.
    • Sorry the Dickens allusion eluded you.

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