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Journal smittyoneeach's Journal: Gates' book bolsters the theory that Benghazi was unexceptional 10

I've tried, and been chided for, trying to build the case that the wanton liquidation of Stevens, Smith, Doherty & Woods was some kind of special uk-fuppery on the part of Occupy Resolute Desk. That, amidst an administration that puts the "lack" in lackluster, leaving Americans to die in Benghazi was just really way out there. Reading the quotes from Gate's book in the Hot Air QOTD post, it seems that maybe the Libya disaster was hardly a corn kernel in this overall turdalicious performance.
May we never, ever, let a bunch of idiot fanbois, academics, and the codpiece media elect a no-talent rodeo clown like this, irrespective of party.
Which, on a related note, is why this whole Bridgegate thing with Chris Christie is such a hoot. Maybe we can keep some of nearly Obama-esque idiocy confined to his home state.
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Gates' book bolsters the theory that Benghazi was unexceptional

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  • We spoke about this before. I think you greatly overestimate the competence and control of not just the current president but past and future presidents as well. The government has a lot of power, and on paper a lot of brains, certainly some very smart people. But once they are in position, power itself guarantees they will no longer receive accurate information. Proper communication is only possible between equals. The top of any hierarchy winds up hearing what it wants to hear, not what it needs to hear,

    • Our Ruling Class does what it does with impunity because it has been tolerated.
      • Look in the mirror...

        • I'd scale the government back to the Enumerated Powers, if I could.
          • Uh huh, and just how far back would you take us?

            • Just before Teddy Roosevelt. I'd confine DC to managing interstate and international affairs. That is, anything DC does that deals with private individuals by name in any way is right out. No education, no housing, no retirement, no healthcare, no unemployment interference.
              Cut the Federal Reserve cord--the safety net entitlements that States care to fund legitimately with actual tax revenue: go for it.
              Kill the 16th & 17th Amendments. Let States mean something politically again.
              Expand the House, so t
              • Ah, the Gilded Age.. Nobody was singing the blues back then. Good times were had by all. Some day I hope you will learn to love the present, because is where you are.

                • Oh, believe me: I dig all of the gadgets, and calling my dad while I'm driving home from work. I don't fail to appreciate what the technology has to offer. But its a two-edged sword, and the government doesn't mind dicing the people one bit, in the name of 'fairness'. So there needs to be some thought given to the tradeoffs between liberty and technology.
                  • Gadgets? Technology? Is that all there is to you? And your 'liberty' schtick still fails to impress. If you lived in different circumstances, you would never feel so free as you are now. Your high horse is gimp and should be put out of its misery.

                    • Except that I don't live in different circumstances, so your hypothetical is somewhere off in the distance.
                      I did observe Afghanistan up close for a period of time, though.
                      Take away the motorcycles and cel towers, and you're back in the 8th century.
                      So maybe you could rephrase whatever your point is in that context.

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