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Journal Slime-dogg's Journal: Schtuff

I figure, I might as well right something out, and write a wrong.

On /.

I have noticed that /. has recently been changing. The nature of the stories, as well as the posts, have gone from interesting to boring. Back in 1998-1999, when things were relatively small, I remember that the discussions headed way off-topic. There were inter-gender wars, there were fun jokes that were cutting edge. These included "All Yuour Base," "Hot Grits," "Beowulf Clusters," etc. etc. etc.

Now, the newness of these items has worn off, yet people still fondly refer to them. The terminology is old, and doesn't belong in every discussion now. We need to get back to the time when things were original. We need to come up with some new humorous punch-lines, lest we lose our funny bones to the oblivion of monotany.

So, iif you feel creative, leave a post that you find "funny." It doesn't have to be complicated. It can be a link, quote, whatever. Try not to think too hard on the subject, the best humor is typically spur of the moment.

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