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Journal jeffy124's Journal: please leave your problems outside the office, thanx 5

why cant people check their home life at the door?

I have a girl in the next cube on the phone with (I think) her fiance regarding problems with the babysitter. Yesterday it was something involving insurance for their new house. A few weeks back it was the interest rate on their home loan. And now it sounds like troubles with DYFS over her ex-b/f, who's the father of the baby.

Every day she spends time on lengthy phone calls over all these and other problems. You would think I'd get some peace when she goes to have a cigarette - nope - she leaves her cell phone at her desk which is guaranteed to go off at least once during her brief absence. And not on silence or vibrate - but with an seranading yet annoying ringer.

ok - rant over. but she's still yapping.

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please leave your problems outside the office, thanx

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  • Answer it. Give who ever is on the other line shit, pretending to be her boyfriend.

    That'll learn her.

    Grrrr... that shit makes me mad.
  • There's someone like that here, unfortunately it is my friend, who I got the job at our office, and I don't want to put the smack down and say something like "Please don't use work time for personal phone calls, or if you have to, take them out of the office," because I probably spend just as much time on the internet here. The major difference between what I'm doing and what she's doing though, is that my internet usage is private - no one is looking over my shoulder at my screen, and no one is prevented

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