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Journal pcwhalen's Journal: Why do people hate attorneys? 1

I am a Plaintiff's Class Action attorney. When a company screws someone, they call me. Usually, its for an amount under $500, money that would'nt make it economical for you to sue the bastids. But if the same thing happened to a million people, its a good case and I would try to get money back for all those people.

If I settle the case before trial so you get $250 back and I get a $25 million fee, everyone screams. Blood sucking lawyer.

I wasn't the guy who stole $500 million from consumers, I was the guy who got half that back. I got a 10% fee from a $250 million recovery. The judge in the case has to approve my fee as fair and reasonable. There was no risk for any of the million people, but I don't get paid unless I win.

I had to go to school 3 more years after college and then work 80 hours a week as an associate to learn what I know. WTF is everybody pounding on me for? How about the creep who stole the money to begin with????
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Why do people hate attorneys?

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