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Journal Nidhogg's Journal: Tired 8

Just because I'm in the mood to bitch today here are the things that I am officially tired of.

Nipplegate. I don't care that she showed her floppy pasty-covered boob during the Super Bowl. I didn't see it happen but I have seen pictures. Both our kids DID see it and neither one seems to be the worse for wear. I think the boy enjoyed it and the girl had to ask "Was that her boob?" because she wasn't sure. It's just not that big of a deal. In fact I can't remember ever not caring this much about a popular issue in a long time.

Low-carb everything. I saw a commercial last night that Hardee's is now offering a low-carb Thickburger. Hardee's! A bazillion grams of fat but hey it's only got 5 carbs! And there is now an entire low-carb store opening near the house. For fuck's sake...

Democratic primaries. You know what? The behavior I've seen from all of them with the exception of MAYBE Clark has eliminated them in my book. Done. Kaput. Not gonna happen. Somebody make Powell run because I am seriously running out of people here.

Reality TV. Ever long for the days when TV didn't reflect "reality"? Man I do considering that's why I've always watched TV. Perhaps that's why I've stuck with cartoons all these years. And I will never understand how anyone with even the barest of musical training can't feel physical pain when watching the first few shows of American Idol. I cringed so hard my neck hurt. Seriously.

Alright done for now. Hey that felt good. I may have to do this more often. But not as much as Mr. G(SPAM)Montag. I promise.

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  • anything that says "cut out this bad thing, and have as much as you want of this bad thing" sounds like a bad plan to me.

    My father can't have any pasta, but can eat 3lbs of bacon for dinner. Sure, he loses a lot of weight, but his arteries are harder than lead! WTF is up with that??
    • Anyone who really thinks that's what Atkins is about hasn't really read the books. Atkins took that position in interviews, and many of his followers have taken that extreme a position, but you're better off listening to something like the South Beach diet which is also low carb but recognizes that there ARE bad fats and you shouldn't just glut on any fats.

      Personally, I think if you're going to Hardee's for low carb food you're missing the point, but low carb is a lot more effective and healthy diet than t

      • Personally, the best diet is something like weight watchers, which teaches you how to eat the right foods, and what to avoid. It teaches you a lifestyle, somethign that once you really get into isn't difficult to stay with it. And, of course, matching it with some exercise is also a good thing.
        • Exactly.

          Kat wanted to go on some extreme diet not too long ago and I talked her out of it. It just can't be healthy.

          Her and I were talking about Atkins and it's mutant varieties and she told me she had heard that it gives you bad breath.

          And I quote: "I'd rather be fat than stinky."
          • Yes, actually you do get back breath. Adkins could be good for like 2 weeks as it cleans out your system of stuff. While its doing this 'cleansing of carbs' the crap comes out of your pours and mouth. You are basically a BO nightmare for about a week or two.
          • Ya know, anecdotes like "It just can't be healty" and "she had heard that it gives you bad breath" aren't really the way to make these kinds of decisions.

            I can't speak for Atkins particularly, but I've been on the South Beach diet since August, my wife is NOTORIOUS for complaining at me when I'm "stinky", and I have not heard one word from her. Go READ some of the stuff about Atkins or South Beach (check it out from the library, a zero-cost investment of time) and see whether it actually makes sense to you

  • I appologize for the above subject, it was completely unscripted and everything went perfectly normal in rehearsals.

    Really, I swear.

    (I've been waiting to use that for about 24-36 hours).

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