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Journal Nidhogg's Journal: Wedding 7

I realize I don't write in this thing for almost all of you to have ANY idea who I am or what's going on in my life but hey...


Wedding plans are in full swing. The chapel has been booked for March 12th. It's a small hokey one out in Greenfield (east of Indy) that specializes in weddings. And when I say hokey I mean it. But that's alright. We're hokey people I guess. We'd found another one but they wanted us to go through two sessions of "pre-marital" counseling. As if. I'm 39 years old and have been through one marriage already. The last thing I need is some "wiseman" explaining to me about how much of a commitment I'm making.

Kat's dress has been purchased. Very good deal on it. Let's call it... 75% off. Yes she's wearing white. She found something online that said she was allowed to do it and that's good enough for her.

Got her daughter's dress. Got the tuxes rented. Got the invitations ordered. Got the reception planned.

By my tally that only leaves rings and bouqets.

Of course I'm probably wrong about that.

But I'll be so glad when this is over and she comes out of wedding-planning-frenzy mode.

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  • she can wear anything she wants! it's a wedding! *grin* You two do whatever you need to to make it perfect. And if anyone argues, threaten to elope.


  • Sounds like you have the basics covered, but have you thought about music? Maybe that's provided by the chapel, but if not, then you could burn a CD. (Of course, I assume that, being a self-respecting Slashdork, you DO have a CD burner!!)

    If you don't do the Kazaa thing (and it is OK NOT to steal music!!), then might I recommend Rhapsody at Tracks are $.79-$.99 and the subscription is about $8 for a month. They've got TONS of stuff and I have found the UI to be really good. Be careful -- it can
    • Not only a CD burner but a DVD burner here at work. The Sony kind that does all... well however many formats there are.

      The chapel will provide music but you're right. Probably better to provide our own. As a matter of fact she was going through her mp3's the other night and told me she wanted one of the songs for the ceremony.

      Damned if I can remember which one it is now though.

      Thanks for the thing. I'll look at it but with two teenagers in the house it sounds like a quick way to go broke.
      • I didn't mention the whole playlist thing -- you can set up playlists and then stream the music over your computer. Don't have to burn a thing. There are also genre-based "radio" channels. So you needn't actually pay any more than your subscription cost, if you decide not to burn anything.

        Would the kids not respect a rule that they need to ask permission before burning? At $.79 a track, it's really not very expensive, and after that, you own it (can make more copies of it). If they get an allowance or spe
        • They would I imagine. The problem is that I have a problem telling them "no" when it comes to music.

          I felt like a bully when I had to put an end to the Kazaa/Bearshare thing but when I looked to see what all they were sharing I had visions of subpeonas flying my way and had to. And they understood.

          I'm at the point now where I'd almost prefer to take them to a discount store and let them load up on CD's.

          But thanks for the info. I'll check it out.
      • There's one sappy song by Mark Cohn called "True Companion" that's a pretty damn good song for a wedding. :) Or, you could always go with Adam Sandler's choice in the Wedding Singer: "Love Stinks". lol

        Best wishes!!! It'll probably be a little busy for you in the next month or so.... ;)

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