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Journal salimma's Journal: AMD is dead, long live AMD 3

How's that for a catchy subject line? It's not that AMD is dead - Opteron/AMD64 is probably its best line of CPU ever. For the first time AMD does a big innovation (x86-64) and executes it well (show up hands if you were excited by pre-release K5 and K6 only to be disappointed when benchmarks came out).

But AMD has got to improve its distribution network in Asia! For the price of an Athlon64 3200+ in Malaysia and Indonesia you could get a dual-capable Opteron Stateside, representing a premium of about 100%, compared to the normal premium for Intel CPUs of about 10%.

Similar situation with motherboards, though less extreme: the MSI K8T retails at $175 here, as opposed to $128 in the States (37% premium).

At this price I could visit my friends in Singapore, do some tech shopping there, and came back!

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AMD is dead, long live AMD

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