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Journal smittyoneeach's Journal: In summary, damn_registrars has got nothing 5

damn_registrars accused Phil Roberson of delivering a "homophobic rant".
I asked him to be specific regarding the portion of Phil Robertson's remarks in GQ, where PR found homosexuality "illogical", that expressed fear, or was a indeed a rant.
damn_registrars seems to be falling short of delivering the goods.
Rational readers may draw their own conclusion.
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In summary, damn_registrars has got nothing

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  • You seem to just be trolling me now. Nobody else ever did that many JEs dedicated in my name before. Nobody else ever ignored so much of what I wrote in the process of "replying" to me. Nobody else repeated the same obvious statements in vacuo in such an obnoxious way. Nobody else (save one) ever went to such lengths to avoid answering my questions.

"Why waste negative entropy on comments, when you could use the same entropy to create bugs instead?" -- Steve Elias