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Journal lazypenguingirl's Journal: Yay! 2

After 1yr+ (or is that 1yr++?) of lurking on slashdot, I've finally cast aside my laziness long enough to make an account! This means something. This is important. This means that apparently I've been having too much time on my hands. Anyways, I hope I can contribute interesting non-moronic posts (2 of my first 3 posts have been modded +5... *frets at pressure of having to maintain quality*), as I've really had a great pleasure reading everyone else's fascinating posts for a long time now. Anyways, just another nondescript geekgirl/linuxchick. Nothing here to see, folks. *waves hand* This is not the geek you're looking for. Move along. ;)
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  • We need more penguins here...
  • Hi there dear female appear of geekish community! :) I remember You telling about having problems while communicating with tech-support drones over a phoneline. Just thought it could be extraordinary geekish to try out something techful and interesting to get around such a problem and make fun of it, as well as tell others/post audio records about adventures over/with-a-tech-support-drone-line.. Check "HP-3" in s .htm. Maybe You know some soundstudio-gadget

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