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Journal TheSandBox's Journal: PROPOSAL #00: Amended 11

The following Proposal shall be open for debate for 2 days from the time posted to TheSandBox (till ~11:10 Pacific / 19:10 GMT on Jan24, 2004). Voting shall remain open for a period of no less than 3 days and require 3/4 of votes from all members of The Back Yard and approval by The Empress to be The Rules of The Back Yard.

EDIT: Text in bold is not part of the proposal and is to aid debate.


The Back Yard is "Solemndragons backyard" region (1). "The Holy Empire of Solemndragons chosen" (2) is the founder and Empress of The Back Yard.

SECTION 1 - Membership

                Article 1 - Members of SolemDragon's Back Yard region do not need to be voting members of The Sand Box.

                Article 2 - Membership in The Back Yard is open to Nations asking for the password. Ask the Empress or a Referee.

                Article 3 - Members of The Back Yard can only be removed by other members using a Proposal to Remove a Nation.

                Article 4 - The Empress may remove any nation for any reason at any time with just reasoning but with no recourse. [AMENDED]

                Article 5 - Proposals to Remove a Nation must pass by 3/4 of the votes and must be approved by the Empress. [DELETED] Previous Article 5 replaced by current.

                Article 6 - Nations may take a vacation from The Back Yard or cease involvement and still remain members (3).

SECTION 2 - Voting & Proposals

                Article 1 - Voting is to be performed by non-anonymous posting to journal entries in TheSandBox (4) with one vote per person, not one vote per nation with an obvious link to the slashdot members page. [AMENDED] Includes reference to link

                Article 2 - Multiple accounts on SlashDot may not be used to hold multiple Nations and submit multiple votes. Abuse is sufficient reason for removal from The Back Yard. [AMENDED] Reworded

                Article 3 - Any member of The Back Yard may propose a bill.

                Article 4 - Proposals must be seconded by another member of The Back Yard.

                Article 5 - The Empress or her Sand Box Referees will post proposals to TheSandBox journal.

                Article 6 - Proposals will generally start debate on Monday with debate lasting till Wednesday night or 3 days time from the time posted to TheSandBox, or as indicated in the proposal. [AMENDED] Added variable debate time reference

                Article 7 - The Referee in charge of a proposal, or The Empress, may extend the debate on a proposal only if amendments change the fundamental nature of the proposal. [INSERTED]

                Article 8 - Voting will proceed at the discretion of the Empress or a Referee and last for at least 2 days, or as otherwise indicated in the proposal.

                Article 9 - Votes on proposals may include either "Yes" or "No" while nations that do not vote do not count except where a quorum is necessary. Abstaining from voting does not count against a proposal. [AMENDED]

                Article 10 - The Empress must approve any proposal ratified by The Sand Box.

                Article 11 - The Empress may veto any proposal for any reason. If this happens, a new proposal must be submitted. [AMENDED]

                Article 12 - Proposals become law in The Back Yard immediately after approval by the Empress, or if defined otherwise in the proposal. [AMENDED]

                Article 13 - Proposals to modify The Rules must pass with > 3/4 of votes from all members of The Back Yard and must be approved by the Empress. [AMENDED]

                Article 14 - Proposals that do not fall under Section 2 Article 13 must pass with 2/3 of votes of a minimum number of members, to be specified in the proposal. [AMENDED]

                Article 15 - Proposals that require unanimous consent must be voted on by all members of The Back Yard with roll called by The Teacher. See Section 3 Article 7.

                Article 16 - Unanimous consent proposals must be open for debate for at least one week.

                Article 17 - If all nations have not voted on a unanimous consent proposal after one week, or the time limit set in the proposal, then voting is closed and only votes cast for or against are counted. [AMENDED]

SECTION 3 - Referees, Offices, Ministers, and The Teacher

                Article 1 - Referees are appointed by the Empress.

                Article 2 - All members of The Back Yard may be Referees or officers, except The Back Yard Delegate to the UN.

                Article 3 - Referees serve at the discretion of the Empress and may be removed at her discretion.

                Article 4 - Referees have access to the SlashDot account "TheSandBox" for official Sand Box business only.

                Article 5 - The Referees or Empress must maintain at least one active Journal Entry in TheSandBox for discussion by members. [AMENDED]

                Article 6 - Officers and Ministers may be appointed for any reason by the Empress.

                Article 7 - The Teacher is appointed by The Empress for the purpose of calling roll in unanimous consent proposals.

                Article 8 - The Roll includes any member of The Back Yard and will be updated by the Teacher any time a proposal requires unanimous consent. [AMENDED]


                Article 1 - The Back Yard Delegate to the UN is chosen by a plurality of UN members of The Back Yard using the endorsement system in and may not be a Referee.

                Article 2 - The Back Yard Delegate to the UN only represents UN members of The Back Yard and does not represent the totality of The Back Yard.

                Article 3 - UN resolutions may not conflict with The Rules, laws passed and ratified by The Sand Pit, or with Decrees of The Empress. When a conflict occurs, the UN resolution is void in The Back Yard.

                Article 4 - The Back Yard Delegate to the UN must register a complaint to the UN regarding any conflicting resolutions and reasons for the conflict.

                Article 5 - No UN resolution may negatively affect the standing of any member of The Back Yard. If a resolution does so, the nation(s) affected are free to disregard the resolution and are encouraged to submit a proposal to TheSandBox for official recognition and resolution of the conflict.

(1) Solemndragons backyard Region in is: et=display_region/region=solemndragons_backyard

(2) The Nation "The Holy Empire of Solemndragons chosen" in is: et=display_nation/nation=solemndragons_chosen

(3) This means you can take off, slack off, or otherwise limit involvement and we won't invade your nation or impose sanctions as result.

(4) TheSandBox is an account on

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PROPOSAL #00: Amended

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  • Hopefully nothing in the Proposal "The Rules" is unexpected. It just says how much of what kind of votes are needed to pass proposals of each kind, what the UN can't do to us, who does what, and when to expect proposals and how to make them.

    Section 1 ~ says "everyone is welcom to be a member, but behave or The Empress, or others may get rid of you"

    Section 2 ~ says "we gotta vote on stuff. More people are needed if it is important. Voting can't take too long, but won't be too short."

    Section 3 ~ says "Ref
    • That is a proposal we can happily live with. Even the less gifted members of our population will be able to understand these after a couple of beers.

      Yay! I say.

  • I'm pressed for time so could we highlight the changes in amendments so it is easier to recognize where the changes are. In case of deletions, we could put [ARTICLE DELETED].
  • Article 13 - Proposals that do not fall under Section 2 Article 11 must pass with 2/3 of votes of a minimum number of members, to be specified in the proposal.

    Is this meant to read "must pass with 2/3 of votes OR a minimum number of members..."? That's the only way I read that makes sense to me. Obviously a typo isn't cause for further amendment :-)

  • Do it to it.

    waiting 20 seconds between hitting reply and submit......

    waiting......... .now!
  • by BlackHat ( 67036 )
    Aye on #000(amended) - Nation of Tahkcalb
  • Lubriscia & its dominatrix are in favor of passage of the above proposal.

  • by Nidhogg ( 161640 )
    I'm assuming we're voting now?

    If so, Aye from The Holy Empire of Thanatovakia [].

The absent ones are always at fault.