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Journal aebd's Journal: Such Confusion

So she is the type of person that tires of people after some amount of time, depending on the person, and then just needs to be alone. This has been happening over the past week. I can tell it, her conversation is short and non continuous. This is fine there's nothing wrong with simply having too much of someone, but then after spending many hours together yesterday she asks to go out to dinner with me, as we have many other times, instead of eating in. If she's tired of me then why does she keep spending time wtih me, or agreeing to go out when I ask?

I don't understand her. I know she doesn't want commitment, not at first at least. So I'm so very tempted to instead of saying bye or good night one time to just kiss her, gently take her head in my hands and kiss her goodnight and leave.

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Such Confusion

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