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Now that the Iggles have lost (again)....

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  • by Otter ( 3800 )
    Three NFC championship games in a row is nothing to cry about -- just be glad you're not a Lions or Browns fan! (I tell Red Sox fans the same thing when they whine.)

    That said, none of those losses were pretty and last night's was downright embarassing.

    • now that's something i hadn't thought of. i wonder if there is a Bambino-type curse hanging over south philly. nah, too soon to think of it on that magnitude.
      • The Eagles are the only team to ever beat Lombardi in a Championship game.
        After that he swore he'd never lose another one.
        And didn't.

        The trophy was named after him.
        I figured with an ex-Packers coach and after beating the Packers for the first time since '60 in the playoffs that things might be looking up.

        Of course, it could just be that Pinkston and Thrash suck and that the Birds need a defensive end. ;-)

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